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  • Yallourn Power Station Chimney Refurbishment

    Beroa Australia

    Beroa utilised Duratec's experience to refurbish the 170m chimney at Yallourn Power Station.
  • Western Power Height Safety Rollout

    Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions c/o Western Power

    Duratec was contracted to inspect roofs and other areas requiring height safety for compliance.
  • Vales Point Power Station Chimney Stack Survey

    Beroa Australia / Delta Electricity

    Duratec was engaged to provide an access system to conduct a full condition survey of a 180m tall brick lined chimney stack at Vales Point Power Station.
  • Ros Jones Oval Pumping Station Upgrade

    RCR Resources

    RCR contracted Duratec to complete civil works at Ros Jones Oval in Wickham.
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