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Duratec has partnered with Dundee Rock to enhance the services that we already supply to our clients in the Northern Territory.

Dundee Rock is a Darwin-based, 100% Indigenous owned business specialising in painting and coatings and has been operating in the NT for over 15 years.

The business has recently expanded to offer building maintenance, renovation, electrical, plumbing and landscaping services, often in remote areas where their staff’s knowledge and understanding of Indigenous issues is invaluable.

Key personnel include:

Dundee Rock

Thomas Hutcheson – Director
Tom is the owner-operator of the company and has over 35 years’ experience in the construction industry. He is a qualified painter who prides himself in the company delivering a first class job on time and on budget. Tom’s goal is to support the growth of Indigenous businesses and he has extensive experience operating in remote areas.

Alfred Nagaiya – Chief Operating Officer
Alf has considerable experience at senior levels in the public sector in areas of project management, business development, finance and administration, program delivery, policy development and HR. He also has considerable experience working in the private sector and in community organisations. Alf has extensive knowledge and understanding of the construction industry and his focus is on regional economic development and Indigenous business development.

Michael Athanasiou – Licensed Builder
Michael has been involved in the building industry for over 25 years, primarily as a project manager, and has been involved in projects with government agencies such as health, education, police and housing. He has undertaken many projects in remote communities.

Dundee Rock is Supply Nation accredited. Endorsed by the Australian Government, Supply Nation is a leading directory of Indigenous businesses and has been connecting corporate Australia and government with Indigenous businesses since 2009.


Garth Beechey – Northern Territory Area Manager
Garth has 15 years’ experience in the mining industry gaining an in depth knowledge of the protection and remediation of processing plant assets on many remote sites throughout Australia.

Brendan O’Connor – Project Supervisor
Brendan has over 10 years’ project experience in the remediation industry specialising in concrete repair and the application of specialist coating systems. Throughout this time he has worked has worked on various projects undertaking works such as specialised grouting, concrete repair, joint sealing, cathodic protection, waterproofing and epoxy coatings.

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For more information about the joint venture call 08 8911 1130 or email [email protected]