Flooring Systems


The coating of commercial and industrial concrete flooring is performed to provide protection, aesthetics and demarcation for safety and operational organisation. The range of available floor coatings and treatments is enormous and includes thin film economical single and two-pack coatings to thick self-levelling high performance anti-slip toppings and high impact and wear resistant coatings.

Duratec has the experience and resources to deliver any size flooring project from large warehouses to specialised food processing areas.

Click on the links below to view some of our flooring systems project experience:

Coogee Chemicals Brine Bund Coatings
Gorgon General Services Contract
Yara Pilbara Nitrates Protective Concrete Coatings
West Angelas Workshop Crack Repairs & Epoxy Coatings
Rio Tinto Parker Point South Bund Tanks Refurbishment
Synergy Kalgoorlie Power Station Diesel Bund Coatings
BHP Billiton Nickel West Kitchen Flooring
Shell Karatha Airport Bund Liner
Barrick Granny Smith Gold Room Floor
Gorgon Bibby Renaissance Walkway Coatings
Gorgon WWIP Concrete Bund Protection
Curtin University Footbridge Repairs
Kanowna Belle Bund Coatings
Quarantine Warehouse Floor Protection
Trinity College B-Block Walkways
Darlot Eluate Bund Coating
Kanowna Belle Cyanide Bund Coatings
Gidji Roaster Cyanide Bund Coatings