Duratec Australia was engaged by Fulton Hogan to undertake site wide testing of the concrete elements in the galleries of Glenelg waste water treatment plant, South Australia.


Some of the structure’s concrete elements are almost 80 years old and this combined with the aggressive contaminants found in the waste water treatment process and the structure’s
proximity to the ocean have lead to concrete deterioration.

To gain an understanding of the full extent of the deterioration Duratec conducted full scale testing in 23 locations, the tests included:

  • Corrosion potential mapping.
  • Compressive strength and cement content testing from concrete cores extracted from each test location.
  • Chloride ion and sulphate ion content analysis obtained from dust samples.
  • Carbonation depth analysis.
  • Concrete cover meter survey.
  • All of the samples obtained were labelled and recorded on site and sent to a NATA acredited laboratory. The findings were presented in a concise report including plain language
    explanation of the mechanisms of deterioration, and the location of all test locations marked up on drawings.


  • Difficult access conditions were overcome and a large amount of testing was completed within strict time constraints.
  • A NATA accredited laboratory was engaged to conduct concrete testing.
  • The client received a formal report which clearly explained the findings of the survey and suggested remedial options.


  • Condition Assessment

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