The Department of Defence has engaged Duratec to perform building works to the structural fabric of four hangars and associated out buildings at RAAF Pearce in Perth’s north, home to No. 2 Flying Training School and No. 79 Squadron.


The scope includes:

  • Temporary relocation, storage and subsequent reinstatement of obstructions (e.g. storage racks) and/ or installation of approved protective measures for Commonwealth assets stored on site.
  • Identification and temporary relocation and/or modification (including the design, fabrication, installation and subsequent removal of temporary supports where required) and reinstatement of existing services.
  • Steelwork refurbishment works including replacing missing bolts, fabrication and installation of new steel members, replacement of deformed/corroding steel members, removal of corrosion and strengthening of weakened steel members using the plate and bolt technique.
  • Application of protective coating to new and existing structural members.
  • Repair of deteriorating coatings including removal of existing lead-based and re-painting with non-lead based paints.
  • Removal of asbestos containing materials and replacement with fibre cement sheeting and Gyprock linings.
  • Repair works to kerb walls.
  • Remediation works to various downpipes.
  • Supply and installation of new fluorescent lighting and outdoor spotlights.


  • The majority of the works package will be carried out by Duratec’s own team of trained applicators and heritage carpenters many of whom have worked at RAAF Pearce base on previous projects.
  • An Occupational Hygienist will be engaged to perform asbestos and lead coatings control procedures and air monitoring to ensure these substances are removed safely at all times.


  • Asbestos & Lead Paint Removal
  • Electrical Upgrades
  • High Performance Coatings
  • Mechanical Works

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